About Hawaii School of Dental Arts

Our Mission Statement  -  The Hawaii School of Dental Arts is committed to providing efficient, effective, thorough and convenient training designed to provide students, as future “new-hires”, with necessary skills, knowledge and information. We also aspire for our students to acquire the qualities of excellence and adaptability, qualities necessary in today’s Dental Health Care profession.

Dear Prospective Student

We applaud  your interest in the Dental Healthcare Professions and wethank you, especially, for considering Hawaii School Of Dental Arts. We assure you this is a most exciting time to be entering this special area of health careand are convinced you will share our passion and find dentistry to be both rewarding and most satisfying.

Whether you choose our clinical course in The Art Of Clinical Dental Assisting or our management course in The Art Of Dental Office Administration, Hawaii School of Dental Arts provides you a uniquely convenient learning environment. Learning in a working Dental Care Office, HSDA students combine sets of experiences, within a thoughtfully designed schedule, that enable them to quickly and efficiently acquire skills necessary to be comfortably employed in the dental health care field.

This website provides an introduction to the school and our unique concept of learning dental profession skills. Application is quick and hassle-free. This website includes an electronic application for you to complete and return to us. If, however, you prefer a printed mail-in application, send us your mailing information, and we’ll send your application along with additional printed descriptive material.

Contacting us directly is quite easy. 
Our e-mail address is
hsda@hawaii.rr.com and our phone is 808-941-2277. 
We welcome your e-mails and phone calls and look forward to any questions or comments you may have.

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We know that choosing a profession and a school are decisions that are always important and often difficult. We appreciate you considering HSDA and are confident you will find your experience at Hawaii School of Dental Arts both rewarding and effective in giving you a marketable skill and secure profession.


Cecil Riter, DDS, Director
Kelsey Poaha, Director, Instructor